INDUSTRY NEWS: Copper Status Update

You may have heard a lot recently about copper suppliers and the status of copper and copper based products. Hopefully the following points will dispel some myths and provide clarity to what’s happening in the architectural copper market.

  • BOTH Revere and Hussey are the main sources for copper.
  • Revere is producing Freedom Gray and backorders are being filled. Stock will begin showing up in distribution facilities in early to mid-December.
  • Hussey architectural copper is still available but at extended lead times.
  • Revere copper is readily available. Check with your distributors. Mill lead times are at approx. 2-3 weeks upon ordering.
  • Revere is still working out the kinks with TCS. Last update on expected viable product was first quarter 2015.
  • Copper pricing has been trending down for the past 3 months with small upward spikes during the beginning of the months.
  • There are other, foreign, sources for copper that can also be considered. Check with your distributor is you want to consider other options.